How does one get through a day like this?

I have been burning the candle at both ends lately. I’m on my fourth week of no days off and that run culminates with a big event I’m holding tonight (check it out on livestream here!) I have a checklist running through my brain and I am aware of a buzzy feeling pulsing, rising and spreading outward through my entire body. Plus, I dropped my phone in the toilet. Ugh.

I’m not freaking out or anything but there’s a certain feeling of wondering underlying everything. Am I going to get everything done? What if someone needs to get ahold of me? What if something goes wrong?

How does one get through days like today? For me, it’s very important to make sure that no matter what, I take a few minutes here and there to simply be still and go inward. My mind fights this and, historically, I have relented to the pressure of accomplishing. No sitting, no playing, no having fun until everything gets done! But, for a while now, I have been on a journey of saying to that voice, “Okay. It’s okay. We’ll get everything done, I promise.” And if we don’t? It will still be okay.

On days like this, I remind myself that every meditation begins with a single breath.


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