What’s the plan, Stan?

cookie dough

You know what Leo said to me the other day? “You like learning more than you like knowing.” Truer words have never been spoken to me!

It’s like the cookie dough I made today. Making the dough is so much fun – like being a mad scientist in a lab, a sprinkle of this, a scoop of that (no, I don’t measure anything). I’m curious and I taste every stage and it’s all so delicious! Why wait around for the cookie dough to become a cookie? How boring! I can’t do anything with that cookie but eat it and then it’s gone!

This is how I move through life, with curiosity and a love of discovering. Something that has brought some insight to the way in which I primarily navigate the world is learning about my Myers-Briggs archetype: ENFP. The “P” stands for “Perceiving,” which has a lot to do with a bunch of things, but mainly, Ps live in a world of possibility. Ps like to keep options open and see what happens instead of following a set plan, improvising instead of planning.

This is an unfinished blog. Just like my cookie dough!



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