What are we so afraid of?

Tonight, I had dinner with an old co-worker. We haven’t seen each other in about six months and it felt so good to reconnect, as it often goes with these types of dinners. We reminisced and gossiped a little about our mutual work friends, laughing about all of the interesting characters you meet working in a Times Square restaurant. You truly meet every and all kinds! (That’s probably another blog for another day…)

We talked about our relationships (it feels so nice to talk to another person who’s genuinely happy with their partner!). We talked about astrology and what insights those things brought into our lives about our personalities and life journeys. She asked me a few questions about my spirituality and beliefs. Eventually, she told me that she never gets to talk about “deep things” with anyone else.

I can not tell you the number of times that I’ve been told this. I hear it over and over again and I have for years.

Why is that? Why do people feel like they can’t talk about spirituality with others? Or, their curiosities? Or, their emotions? Why aren’t people more vulnerable with each other? Why do we feel like we have to keep these things hidden away? Are we so afraid to expose our beautiful, tender hearts to another?

What would happen if we did?



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