Baby steps.

They say that spring is a good time for a cleanse, a time to eat lightly after the heavy, warming foods of winter. Of course, many of us “spring clean” in the house and yard, airing out the stuffy vestiges of winter from our homes.

I think I need a cleanse of my head and my heart, particularly as it pertains to writing. I feel like I’m clogged with ideas I haven’t had the chance (read: willpower) to get onto the screen – sparks of ideas that glowed bright for a day or two and then faded and fizzled. My head is full of ashes and and charcoal and smears of black tar.

I heard the other day that people who make a public commitment are 65% more likely to follow through on that commitment than people who don’t publicly commit. Sure, we could look at this as peer pressure or fear of what others think of us, but I think there’s something to be said for accountability of the collective. We’re all inspiring and supporting and challenging each other. So, to my worthy public (all 4.3 of you readers), I pledge to write a post every day for the month of May.

Who knows if I’ll actually succeed. Who knows if I’ll even get through the first week. Maybe my blogs will all be rubbish! But, I have to try, I have to start somewhere or I’ll never get anywhere.


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