You’re invited to: The Apocalypse

Apocalypse invitation

I'm tired of waiting around.
Aren't you?

You take that corner
I'll take this one
And working together
We'll lift the veil

I can't do it without you

C'mon, it'll be fun!
We'll run like we did when we were kids
As fast as we can
Holding the veil behind us like a wide, shimmering cape
Flying to the next adventure
Breathless and exhilarated

We'll fling the cape away
Superheroes don't have to have capes anyway

C'mon, let's go
I'm tired of waiting around
Aren't you?

I'm tired of waiting around for the next
movie star
or internet sensation

Let's be our own heroes!
Who needs gurus?
Or preachers
Or teachers
Or revolutionary leaders?

We'll create our own new world!

C'mon, it'll be fun
...won't it?

I'm not scared if you aren't!




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