My Healing Manifesto

I am on this planet to help heal the world. By “healing” I don’t mean simply repairing. I mean, imagine that your arms get cut off. Instead of just sewing up the wounds to scar over, your arms are replaced with wings. This is healing that isn’t just filling a hole; it’s planting new earth in that hole so that something new can grow.

I am a healer. By “healer” I don’t mean that I am doing the healing while you passively experience it. I am a vessel and a guide for healing. Those wings are already within you, waiting to be transformed and grown.

What kind of healer am I? Well, that’s a question to be answered in the moment, an answer to be discovered as you and I spend time together. My greatest strength as a person is that of integration. I synthesize and integrate multiple skills, interests, and passions in a dynamic form of healing that will respond to your needs and desires. I am the first to admit that I am not an expert in any one modality, but I’m good enough at (and have a background in) several of them and my specialization is in the integration.

My toolbox:

Movement (dance, yoga, gentle touch)

Energy work (Reiki Master, Magical Awakenings Level 5)

Creative expression (singing/vocalization/freeing the voice, art, journaling)

Dialogue (deep listening, conscious communication)

Spiritual counseling (Interfaith Minister)

Intuitive guidance (Akashic Records Reading)

Meditation (breath work, guided meditation)

Do you want to live a fuller, more vibrant life? Do you want to deepen your connection to Spirit? Are you struggling with how to find and live out your heart’s calling? Do you simply want to relieve stress and feel more relaxed? Do you just need someone to talk to who has no personal attachment to your life (disclaimer: I am not a certified psychotherapist and have no ability or intention to diagnose or treat actual psychiatric or medical issues)?

Any of these modalities can be offered a la carte or as a part of an integrated healing session.

Energy exchange/compensation: This is where things can get a little hairy, but they don’t have to. I live in NYC. You probably do, too. That means if you have a lot of money, you probably have no time to have a session and if you have a lot of time, that probably means that you probably have little money to spend on a session. I get it. I wish I that I didn’t have to charge anyone for anything, but if I don’t, then it means I will never have to time to offer sessions. Get the picture? Cool. Wait, sooo where does that leave us? I am committed to a consciousness-changing movement of allowing clients to pay what they can/what feels comfortable while honoring the work and energy I put into a session. That being said, I think it’s important for me to state what I feel I’m worth for a couple of reasons: 1) I am empowered in acknowledging my skills and commitment to healing and 2) seeing a $ figure helps give a container to those who really have no idea how much a session with me is worth and will go straight into their heads if I leave the amount totally up to them. Thus, for an hour of my time, my price range is $40 – $100. That gives you a starting-off point for determining what feels good for you. If you want to pay me more, that’s awesome! If you want to pay me less, we’ll talk about it! I don’t have a lot of extra time on my hands, but if you offer me a massage in exchange, then we will probably have a good thing going on. I always need a massage!

Where should we meet? It depends on the type of session you want. At the moment, I have a space in my house – a peaceful, private room with a massage table for bodywork/energy sessions. I also have a piano for holistic vocal sessions. Most of my work is mobile and I can meet you, though I would ask that you consider my travel distance/time into your payment.

Want to ask me questions about any of the above? Want to set up a session? Please email me: or call/text me: 646-696-0829.

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you.


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