What is your healing modality? What is your art form?

A few nights ago, I met a woman (an incredible activist nun, in fact!) who said that she was tired of asking people, “What do you do?” Personally, I’ve often experienced irritation at people constantly asking me what I do as the connotation of this seemingly innocent question perpetuates this idea that we are defined by or only as good as the job I do. My work is not my vocation and until I can earn a living as a healer or teacher or otherwise, I will not be satisfied with the answer I can give to that question. Anyway, my own baggage around the question aside, my new friend said she’s been asking people, “What is your healing modality?” and “What is your art form?”

Most of us may not believe that we have a healing modality and/or an art form. But, think about it: you may not be a massage therapist by trade, but maybe you most often give love through affectionate touch. Or, maybe you’re really good at talking to loved ones and guiding them with loving advice. These are healing modalities! Or maybe, your skill at conversation is your art form. Or maybe you’re really good at creating a meal.

Are you one of those lucky creatures that “does” your healing and/or art form for a living?


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